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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Trends Batik Semar 2010 From Casual to Dress Party Dress

Trends Batik Semar 2010 From Casual to Dress Party Dress

The development of batik as spelled out very fast fashion fashion. Evidenced by the frequent digelarnya batik fashion show. Or seen also as batik became one of the icons in the fashion world fashion trends.
The inclusion of batik into the realm of fashion styles and designs also raise a variety of batik. Even within each year has a style that is always increasing. Whether it be the motive, the model design to the materials used also vary.
This is also happening in the city of Solo as a batik industrial center. Various styles and designs graced fashion trend emerged. As has been launched by the Batik Semar Solo in welcoming the beginning of the year 2010.
Batik Semar For this time have a superior product in the form of batik fashion is just as interesting with other collections. For this period as many as three motifs of Batik Semar's work began to be marketed. Three motifs are among Filling Jagat Isen, Rhythm and Relief Parang.
"We have been deliberately launched only three motives, but for four or five months ahead we (Batik Semar-ed) will be re-launched a new motif. This is done to adjust the growing fashion trend, "explained Herman Priyono promotion as part of Solo Batik Semar Joglosemar encountered.
For the third has a design motif that is almost the same between each other. Only motifs that distinguish it. For the third motive has a choice of colors, including red, blue and black. From all motifs and designs offered was suitable imposed in the relaxed atmosphere as well as your other activities like work, weddings and other formal occasions.
That leaves the impression you want to select is displayed. If you want to appear impressed by nature, choose black or blue. Or if you want a different look, there's no harm in choosing the color red.
Do not be afraid to vote because of batik clothing offered will not impress you ancient. Since the appearance of being precisely the impression you get is elegant. Even fashion apparel is also available both in terms of a pair of motifs and colors.
While for the material, Herman adds choose materials that have really high quality. In this case the use of quality materials Primissima manifold above or prima cotton. "Primissima is not hot if worn, so if the weather is hot do not get hot. Meanwhile, if the weather is cold then the material will also not be cold on the skin, "added Herman.
The advantages of the three motives, which are the amount circulating in the market is very limited so the exclusivity of products is maintained. "If we menyetak much the exclusivity can not be maintained anymore. So we only print a few just so that these goods are limited, "he said.
Alternative modes is not appropriate. Starting from not obsolete, fit to be worn in various situations, the material is enough to maintain product exclusivity. (Dwi CI)

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